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Adbry™ Rapid Access™ Program

If you have commercial health insurance, you may be able to receive your first dose of Adbry for free within 48 hours.a,b,c

Restrictions Apply

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Adbry™ Bridge Care™ Program

If you have commercial insurance that does not yet cover Adbry, you may be able to receive Adbry for free for up to 2 years (or until Adbry is covered by your health insurance plan).b,c

Restrictions Apply

Group 21

Adbry™ Copay Program

If you have commercial health insurance, you may be able to pay as little as a $0* copay each time you fill Adbry. You do not need to be enrolled in Adbry™ Advocate™ to get the Adbry digital copay card.b,c

Restrictions Apply

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Adbry™ Patient Assistance Program


If you have financial need and have limited or no prescription coverage, you may be able to receive Adbry at no cost.b,d

Restrictions Apply


The initial dose of Adbry may be shipped either to your home or your healthcare professional’s office, after submission of a completed Enrollment and Prescription Form. A Nurse Advocate coordinates shipment to a patient, which may extend delivery time. Patients who have been initiated on therapy with samples are not eligible for Rapid Access product.


Additional terms, conditions and eligibility rules apply. Enrollment in Adbry™ Advocate™ is not required to obtain copay support. For all other patient support programs, submission of a completed Enrollment and Prescription Form is required. Patient may not seek reimbursement for the benefit received from any party. LEO Pharma reserves the right to rescind, revoke or amend the Program and discontinue support at any time without notice.


Patient is not eligible for the Program if enrolled in any federally or state funded health care program, including but not limited to Medicare (including Medicare Part D), Medicaid, VA, DOD, TRICARE or CHIP.


Program has an annual cap. Program may not be combined with any third-party rebate, coupon or offer.


Income eligibility requirements apply. Patient may be required to submit documentation of income and insurance coverage status.


Medisafe is a registered trademark of the Medisafe Project LTD.

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Getting Adbry from a specialty pharmacy

Adbry is a injection that requires special shipping and handling by a .

Once you’re prescribed Adbry, a Nurse Advocate can help you coordinate your first shipment with your .

The will process your prescription, confirm your shipping address over the phone, and then deliver the medicine to your home by mail.

For help coordinating your Adbry shipment, call 844-MY-ADBRY (844-692-3279) to speak with a Nurse Advocate.

Get information from the Adbry™ Advocate™ Program

Stay up to date on Adbry™ (tralokinumab-ldrm) and receive helpful tips and treatment resources.



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