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works from
the inside out

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Adbry® (tralokinumab-ldrm) zeroes in on one of the main causes of eczema

Adbry is not a cream, an ointment, or a pill. And it’s not a .

It’s a treatment that helps calm the that leads to the symptoms of ().

Specifically targeted biologic

Adbry is the first and only injection that specifically targets one of the proteins in the immune system that contributes to skin in .

A is a type of medicine that is made from living organisms or components of living organisms. Adbry is an and works with your immune system to , helping prevent in your skin.

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Three images comparing normal skin, skin inflamed with eczema, and eczema inflamed skin after being treated by Adbry® (tralokinumab- ldrm)

Adbry targets IL-13 to help calm eczema inflammation

Adbry works by helping to target and . When is , it is unable to send signals that lead to -related .

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